PT. Dabi Air Nusantara is a company that offers various helicopter rental services in Indonesia Helicopters are used for short distance transportation without having to use the airport and can reach the destination swiftly Helicopters have the ability to land on available helipad, above high rise buildings such as offices and hotels, and even on large private property Enables those who have the destination to transport/travel even to remote areas This company is designed with the aim to adapt easily in handling various individual needs At first the company only intended for non commercial flights (the use of internal operations of the company), however, with the development of business in air flight services, PT Dabi Air Nusantara has now evolved to provide various air transportation services with Helicopters to transport passengers, goods, and also forest fire prevention in several regions of Indonesia.


A reliable flight company in term of safety and excellence in service whilst taking part in aiding the development of the air transportation regionally.


Perform air transportation services that prioritizes service, safety, comfort and excellence in customer satisfaction.

As an alternative to air transportation services (air TOLL) for government and private companies